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Overview Early Childhood Center

Early years multilingual support is based on the international educational concept known as the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP). At this age, we lay the playful foundations, which take into account the children’s different levels of development. Children are encouraged to ask questions and learn by experimenting so that they can perceive the world independently, respectfully and with a thirst for knowledge when they are older. We also set great store by outdoor free play. Regardless of the weather, we take the children outdoors every day.

Our youngest ones have access to the broad infrastructure of the entire school, including classrooms for art, creativity and music. Active games, gymnastics, exercise and dance in the multifunctional assembly hall and notably participation in school performances with primary and secondary school students are unique to this entire region for children in this age group. Depending on the parents’ professional situation and personal needs, we offer full-day care for 1.5- to 4-year-old children or part-time care for at least five mornings (until 14.00) or two full days plus one morning.

ipso! International School’s ECC is a member of kibesuisse.