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House of Learning

Success for every learning profile 


House of Learning offers a highly individualised learning environment for English-speaking learners with different learning profiles. Based on the internationally recognised IGCSE syllabus, we bolster our learners' self-confidence, create space and give them guidance in their learning. For learners with the appropriate German language skills, Curriculum 21 can be integrated. 

The House of Learning combines the proven concept of ipso! House of Learning with the expertise and concept of the Academia International School's secondary school and grammar school.

House of Learning offers its learners

  • small classes with a maximum of 12 learners
  • individual learning in the learning studio with optimal supervision
  • co-learning space for individual work
  • psychological support, including the creation of an individual study plan and analysis of the learner’s learning style
  • coaching for learners
  • transfer to advanced education institutions in Switzerland and abroad  

Depending on your child’s support needs, you can choose from three profiles:

  • House of Learning – START
    Ideal for young people in grades 7 – 10, who occasionally need a little more learning support to succeed in school.  

  • House of Learning – PLUS
    Ideal for young people in grades 7 – 10, who need intensive learning support to succeed in school.

  • House of Learning – MAX 
    Ideal for young people in grades 7 – 10, who need longer-term intensive learning support to succeed in school. 



Would you like to register your child for the House of Learning programme or do you have any questions? Then contact us directly.

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